The Visual Planning Solution for the Generic Pharmaceutical Industry

PLAIO is a web based SaaS solution that connects to your existing data.  The system provides the user with full control over Demand Planning (S&OP, statistical and market forecast), Visual Manufacturing Planning (RCCP & scheduling) and Purchase Planning (MRP).

The benefit is minimized time spent on planning, constantly changing internal and external circumstances dealt with quickly and efficiently, minimized probability of stockout, and most importantly – maximized probability of meeting client delivery dates.

Creates tangible value

“All of our planning is done within PLAIO. The plan is now accessible to all key employees within the supply chain, allowing them to make necessary decisions within their business units”

Úlfar Helgason / Director IT & IS

Making the life of the planner easier

Demand Planning

Central hub for all demand, both from other systems, markets and also statistical forecast

Manufacturing Planning

Best in class Visual Planner allows control overview and control with instant feedback for constraints

Purchase Planning

Automatic work flow for ordering materials so everything is on stock when needed

“We managed to control a very complex process through PLAIO with minor resources”

Executive Vice President Supply Chain

PLAIO is focused on solving the unique problems and challenges in the industry

All parts of PLAIO take into account the complex characteristics and regulations of the pharma industry including our unique automation/optimisation in PLAIO Copilot

Our tool is not only easy to use, but also easy to integrate to
other system and get benefits and savings in a relatively short time

Key features

Visual Planner

Capacity Planning with support for multiple factories

Advanced Constraint / Overhead calculations (i.e. cleaning, setup etc.)

What-if Analysis

PLAIO Copilot / AI based automation

Scalable Platform

Production planners can rely on PLAIO’s inbuilt Copilot, which uses AI technology to support, rather than dictate, planning strategy with optimisation and automation suggestions, and visualises how each decision will impact the entirety of the planning processes.

Executive team

Jóhann Guðbjargarson

Dr. Hlynur Stefánsson

Dr. Eyjólfur Ingi Ásgeirsson

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